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Elder Care with Independence

An 89 year old woman stands beside the window of her home that as aged alongside her as she has, waiting for the arrival of the one person that she can count on to get her through the day. Though in the past her aching hands took care of others, she now needs a caregiver. The responsibility has fallen onto her 65 year old daughter. Sound familiar?


More and more people like you are ending up dealing with role reversal, where they wind up taking care of their aging parents. Caretaking your elderly parents often feels like a full time job, especially when there is a never-ending list of worries: medical conditions, inciting family wars, your own life. Fortunately, there is are options that you might not have thought of, like enrolling your aging parents into an adult daycare facility.


Handling Decision Making

Growing up, you had the aid of parental guidance. Now, you are the one who is handling the brunt of your parent’s decisions–nutrition, day-to-day activities like taking and making phone calls, managing the bills, cleaning, hygiene, and similar tasks. On top of your personal engagements, these can soon become troublesome. Moreover, you might find yourself sitting in on doctors appointments or making them, even though you are unsure of your purpose or place there. This can be, understandably, exhausting.


Yet, there is one decision you can consider that makes life easier: enlisting the assistance of a certified home health aide or adult daycare center.


Understand that there is only so much you can do. The burden does not have to be yours alone.


Choosing Caregiving Over Work

Sometimes, the load of responsibilities when dealing with an elderly parent becomes too much to balance with your occupation. Deciding whether to quit your job to become your parent’s full-time caregiver has some pros and cons. You gain the time to assist your parent as much as possible, but quitting your job before retirement can not only hurt your financial stability, it can affect your pension later in life.


Consider the risk of leaving a solid occupation, such as the loss of your own health care insurance or other important benefits.


If you have a certified companion or  home health aide come to the house, or if you send your parent to an adult daycare facility, the need for upheaval in your stable life decreases. So discuss daycare or other options with them. They will understand.


Budgeting for You and Your Parent

When caring for your parent, apart from you, your spouse, and your children, there is an additional financial consequence that needs to be addressed. Take a look at everything that must be paid for to appropriately take care of your aging parent (or parents) and put them in line with your own. See if sharing a homestead, keeping them in their own home, or moving them to assisted living would be easier to handle financially.


Moreover, make use of Medicare and Medicaid benefits alongside the National Council of Aging’s benefits checklist, which seeks out ways for your parent to save money on prescriptions and other expenses.


Benefits of Adult Day Care

If your parent still has the ability to live at home but needs some help throughout the day that you might not be able to fully provide, Adult Day Care facilities::

  • Give you, the caregiver, peace of mind
  • Offer a safe environment
  • Promote social interaction, which preserves cognitive function
  • Provide independence
  • Improve quality of life for seniors
  • Create a fun daily routine of mental and physical activities, preventing depression
  • Offer the supervision of healthcare professionals

Caring for another person is never a simple task. When it comes to your beloved parent, you want them to be happy and full of life for as long as possible. If you are searching for adult day care in the Eatontown area of New Jersey, there are affordable options within reach. Adult day care, along with other practices, can give you peace of mind while preserving the best quality of life for your aging parent.

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